Research Interests

Structural shifts within the glucocorticoid receptor (GR) are known to control a variety of its functions including coactivator binding and cellular localization. There is a wealth of structural knowledge pertaining to the individual domains of GR, yet how these domains interact to control transcription in the context of the full length protein is still largely unknown. I am interested in determining how changes in these larger scale inter-domain interactions regulate GR function through allostery.


  • PhD,

    University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado

    Advisor: Dr. Dylan Taatjes

  • BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology,

    University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

  • Selected Publications

  • Knuesel, M. T., and D. J. Taatjes. 2011. Mediator and post-recruitment regulation of RNA polymerase II. Transcription 2:28-31.
  • Knuesel, M. T., K. D. Meyer, C. Bernecky, and D. J. Taatjes. 2009. The human CDK8 subcomplex is a molecular switch that controls Mediator co-activator function. Genes & Dev. 23: 439-451.
  • Knuesel, M. T., K. D. Meyer, A. J. Donner, J. M. Espinosa, and D. J. Taatjes. 2009. The human CDK8 subcomplex is a histone kinase that requires Med12 for activity and can function independently of Mediator. Mol Cell Biol. 29: 650-661.
  • Meyer, K. D., A. J. Donner, M. T. Knuesel, A. G. York, J. M. Espinosa, and D. J. Taatjes. 2008. Cooperative activity of CDK8 and GCN5L within Mediator directs tandem phosphoacetylation of histone H3. EMBO J. 27:1447-1457.
  • Knuesel M., H. T. Cheung, M. Hamady, K. Barthel, and X. Liu. 2005. A Method of Mapping Protein Sumoylation Sites by Mass Spectrometry Using a Modified SUMO-1 and a Computational Program. Mol Cell Proteomics. 4(10):1626-36.
  • Macdonald M., Y. Wan, W. Wang, E. Roberts, T. H. Cheung, R. Erickson, M. Knuesel, and X. Liu. 2004. Control of cell cycle-dependent degradation of c-Ski proto-oncoprotein by Cdc34. Oncogene. 23(33):5643-53.
  • Knuesel M., Y. Wan, Z. Xiao, E. Holinger, N. Lowe, W. Wang, and X. Liu. 2003. Identification of novel protein-protein interactions using a versatile mammalian tandem affinity purification expression system. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2(11):1225-53.
  • Hobbies

    Jewelry making / metalsmithing